1653276460 Rangers Gerard Gallant is outraged by Max Domis late check

Rangers’ Gerard Gallant is outraged by Max Domi’s late check

Gerard Gallant kept reporters waiting longer than usual after Rangers’ Game 3 win over the Hurricanes. When he finally appeared at the foot of the stairs to Madison Square Garden’s press conference room, the Rangers coach took a deep breath before entering.

None of that stopped him from making his feelings clear about the situation at the end of the game, with Ryan Lindgren and Max Domi rolling around on the ice after the clock had struck zero.

“I wasn’t happy with the Bulls – at the end of the game they initiated,” Gallant said. “We didn’t do that when the games were close. They put their boys out, that’s fine. They want to play that way, we have guys that can match that.

After Rangers scored an empty goal to extend their lead to 3-1, Gallant took offense at Domi’s counter control to Lindgren, which came after the final whistle. Lindgren and Domi had to be separated after the ensuing scrum, with players from both teams exchanging words.

Max DomiCarolina Hurricanes center Max Domi and Rangers defenseman Ryan Lindgren get into a push and shove after Domi checks at the end of Game 3. Jason Scenes

It’s understood Rangers would be unhappy with that, but Lindgren in particular – who is visibly struggling through injuries and missed time in the team’s first-round streak – is vulnerable to such play.

Gallant also seemed upset with former Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo on the bench. ESPN cameras caught him giving DeAngelo a chirping signal, apparently telling him to “shut up” after the game ended.

“Pumped about his win, I’m sure of it,” DeAngelo told reporters when asked about Gallant.

Carolina coach Rod Brind’Amour told reporters he didn’t see what happened at the end of the game and declined to comment.

However, his counterpart had much to say on the subject.

“I don’t like it at the end of the game,” Gallant said. “The game is over. We have four more games with these guys. … We have the guy who can handle all her boys if we want to. We didn’t like doing it but Domi put in a cheap shot at our defender. you have a long memory You think about things like I said [the shoe] might one day be on the other foot.”

rangerNew York Rangers Head Coach Gerard Gallant.Jason Scenes

The series has become increasingly physical over time, with Game 1 being played almost entirely five-a-side with no scrum and Game 3 ending in batting.

Gallant’s reference to the Rangers’ ability to handle such situations – that person is believed to be Ryan Reaves – is an indication the trend could continue.