Rajwa and Hussein Wedding of Jordan Kate Middleton revealed by

Rajwa and Hussein Wedding of Jordan, Kate Middleton revealed by official photo

Kate Middleton was betrayed by the look in the official photo taken in immortal memory of the marriage between Hussein of Jordan and Rajwa Al Said. The picture clearly shows the full disappointment of the Princess of Wales, who was the only one who didn’t smile. And the suspicion concerns a dispute that took place between her and William during the royal wedding.

Rajwa and Hussein of Jordan, the official photo with the world’s royals

Rania of Jordan and her husband Abdullah wanted to conclude the wedding celebrations between their eldest son and heir apparent, Prince Hussein, and Rajwa Al Said with a publication two new official photos of the wedding, which took place in Amman on June 1 last year.

In one of the three shots, the bride and groom posed in front of Zahran Palace surrounded by their closest relatives and the royalty invited to the royal wedding. Thus, starting from the left, we find, among others, Beatrice of York next to Ilham Yassin and Salma of Jordan, each mother and daughter of Rania, further down Maria of Denmark next to Takamado of Japan. In the middle Rajwa and Hussein, next to the bride the father-in-law Abdullah of Jordan and a little further on the Sultan of Brunei. Behind him Jill Biden and further back Elisabeth of Belgium. Next to the groom is Rania, who has Rajwa’s parents nearby. A little further back is the beautiful Moza from Qatar, who has Kate Middleton and William behind her. And here we come to the heart of the matter.

Kate Middleton, the sharp look

Of course, being an official photo, it will remain in the annals. It is good practice to strike a serene pose and smile at the happy event. But many have noted that the Princess of Wales did a serious and almost frowning face, while her husband smiles beyond measure. That something happened between them during the royal wedding seems more than a suspect.

Kate is rumored to have pulled it out after catching William having an extensive chat with Ivanka Trump, who she met in person in 2019. Others speculate that Lady Middleton is uncomfortable with the overly intrusive rumors about it alleged treason of the prince with Rose Hanbury. While the British press downplays the exchange between Will and Kate as they enter the wedding reception, telling a different version of the facts. The fact is that on another official occasion, something apparently occurred to the couple. Indeed, the Princes of Wales arrived slightly late for Charles’ coronation and Kate ‘forgot’ to curtsey to Camilla. It is suspected that behind this is the beautiful neighbor from Norfolk, for whom Will would have lost his mind. Anyway, sitting in the third row, Kate’s disappointment isn’t that obvious even if she were there. And it will go down in history.

Rajwa in Dolce & Gabbana for the official photo

The other picture is entirely dedicated to the bridal couple. In the picture Rajwa and Hussein They pose in a salon of the palace. The bride wears hers second white dress signed Dolce & Gabbana, with a full skirt, decorated with stylized spirals of tulle. She puts a hand on the groom’s chest and looks at him lovingly while his eyes are on the camera. What draws attention in the room is the photograph of King Hussein, the groom’s grandfather, who died in 1999 but whose memory is still very strong.