Raising the temperature on social media dressed alike Maya Nazor

Raising the temperature on social media dressed alike, Maya Nazor and her sisters unleash fantasies

Maya Nazor, influencer, sweeps the social media after sharing a series of captivating images with them sisters. The beautiful 22-year-old started her career on the YouTube platform and managed to get millions of likes with her videos, which covered a variety of topics from beauty tips to funny pranks about her family and friends.

However, the influencer gained even more popularity on the social networks of TikTok and Instagram, where she has 4.3 million followers. Maya Nazor He knows very well how to work with different internet platforms, manages to be the face of different brands and exchanges with them by promoting them on his Instagram; same account where he shared some photos with his sistersproving that beauty runs in the family.

the star of social media She also knew how to be the friend of the Santa Fe Klan, a Mexican rapper, singer and composer. the ex-boyfriend of Maya Nazor works with genres such as cumbia and mexican rap and achieved great success with the song “Soy” which was used in the film “Wakanda Forever”.

Boyfriend’s stage name Maya Nazor That’s because he was born and raised in the Santa Fe neighborhood of the city of Guanajuato. Incredibly, in 2021 the Santa Fe Klan presented the single “Major Leagues” along with Snoop Dogg and Lupillo Rivera. In the same year he collaborated with Caliber 50 and Beto Vega for the hit “Cuidando el territorio” which reached millions of views in a few days. The couple used to be very much in love social mediaHowever Maya changed his ex-partner’s company to his sisters for your photos.

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Source: Instagram Maya Nazor

The artist began dating the influencer in August 2021 after the musician organized a big event in Guanajuato with her Maya Nazor agree to go out with him. Despite the star of social media She doesn’t need a boyfriend to shine as she’s taking over Instagram like no other. Lately Maya He shared a series of pictures with his sisters that left more than one speechless.

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Source: Instagram Maya Nazor