quotRaised like foie gras geesequot Lucarelli sinks the Maneskin

"Raised like foie gras geese". Lucarelli sinks the Maneskin

Merciless judgment of Wild Lucarelli towards the male, one of the most controversial Italian bands of the moment. During his daily Il Sottosopra podcast, the columnist lashed out at the rock group and didn’t skimp on indiscretions.

“What happened to the maneskins?”

After talking about the great success that the Maneskin had also achieved abroad, Lucarelli wondered what authentic stayed in the group. Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas, so whimsical and provocative, are they still sincere?

“The feeling is that they grew too fast and at a certain point their growth became dictated by geese Foie gras‘ according to the blogger, ‘can no longer eat whatever he wants, but stuffed artificially, inserted into the throat with a cannula to gain weight faster and end up being sold on our tables at a high price’.

In short, according to Lucarelli, characters would have been artistically created. There would be no spontaneity, but gestures, actions, calculated ad hoc to enchant the audience and achieve success. An operation that would work considering that success the band. “The yardstick of too much, which is not that of excess,” emphasized Selvaggia Lucarelli, “begins to rise to sea level”.

Teach proverbs: too much booty. The rock idea proposed by Maneskin, the columnist continued, knows more than pedantic as transgressive as it wants to be instead. “Tongues, nipples, men with smeared eyeliner, cracked guitars, nudes, bondage style, skin, him in a thong, liquid kisses,” Lucarelli listed, “everything seen and seen again, hackneyed… All accompanied, however, by interviews with altar boys, very much.” boring interviews from the series ‘We don’t drink, we don’t do drugs, fuck Putin’, hearts to his girlfriend and here and there tragically sugary Coraline songs that sound like the 2000 version of Alessandro’s Ugly Canine. Because they’re transgressive, but Mommy has to like them too.”

A scathing comment that practically incinerated the band.

The rumors

Selvaggia Lucarelli then let slip some indiscretions as to what the basis of the would be tensions between Damiano David (frontman of the group) and bassist Victoria De Angelis.

“Although the band and their management do everything they can to lead us to believe it’s not just the outfit that brings them together, the rumors of a fractious relationship between Victoria, who is the soul of the group, and Damiano, who is the soul of the group Face is, they’ve been chasing each other for a while,” the blogger began. These rumors were also confirmed by the absence of the bass player on Damiano’s birthday. But what would be the problem? his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri”.