Raimondo Todaro against everyone: is there a new case with “Amici”? RDS 100% big hits

Not Enough New Year’s Gate, the twenty-first edition of “Friends” is acknowledged as one of the most talked about of all time. Now in the spotlight there Raymond Todaro.

When the professor found out that his student Mathias Zenzola he asked Alexandra Celentano he certainly didn’t take it well to be able to take lessons from her.

The teacher gave the boy some advice, such as trying to dance barefoot, not wearing baggy pants, and removing rings and necklaces. For Todaro, it wasn’t about the proposals themselves, which he had nothing to discuss, but the fact that he had to find out from TV.

The dancer reminded the boy that in the past he had been very understanding with him, ignoring certain attitudes that other teachers would certainly have punished. That it hadn’t even occurred to him to warn him was a great disrespect. “You are very good with words. But then do it with the facts,” he concluded.

The reaction of the other professors, has a new case broken out?

Bicci.it expected that Raimondo Todaro’s reaction would then be exploited by other professors for some excavations.

Rudy Zerby would have jumped at the opportunity to argue against his colleague. “Does it upset you to know that one of your students chose to speak to Celentano rather than you?”

It’s fair to remember that these are rumors being spread by those who witnessed the taping of the new episodes and it’s not known exactly what will actually be aired. What is certain is that the climate has been very tense recently and new controversies cannot be ruled out.

Photo: Twitter