Raffaello Tonon on his late father.  Bitter letter: “Because you are not missing, no hypocrisy”

Raffaello Tonon on his late father. Bitter letter: “Because you are not missing, no hypocrisy”


The columnist writes Instagram Stories commemorating the recently deceased parent, but without falling into honey

Raffaello Tonon on his late father Bitter letter Because you

Published on January 15, 2023

Three years ago, on January 14, 2020, he left us forever Frank Tononthe father of the well-known son Raffaello TononEx-Vippone and commentator at many salons Rai and Mediaset. After a long time, son Tonon felt compelled to give back in the last few hours Homage to the deceased Parent with a bittersweet social gift.

In fact, it wasn’t the classic emotional reminder on social media of a son distraught over losing his father. On the contrary, Raffaello Tonon wanted to talk about the parents in Instagram Stories rather negative, stating that he actually doesn’t miss it that much. Here are the reasons and the long post that Tonon has dedicated to his father in the last few hours.

“Franco Tonon, my father, exhaled his last earthly effort, a breath, on the fourteenth of January three years ago. For three years I forgot away. Today I remember. A chapter of my life was closed in that moment. I don’t believe in the time “doctor”, I believe that the fires kindled by resentment can be quenched to die out. I like it the way it is. I will never miss him, I’m not a hypocrite. It comforts me to know that I still don’t know how to smile at him, but I’m on the right track. I felt the need to write this pain because it is pain. A THANK YOU to my mother, who knew how to cover a lot, with a dignified and coherent cloak, and with her heart on the right side, she accompanied him to the end; Luckily I followed her. All I have to do is pedal and occasionally look up at the sky and try to smile. Sorry for the loud thought.”

Raffaello Tonon, what caused his father to die: the memory in Mattino 5

In April 2022, Raffaello Tonon was a guest in the living room of Federica Panicucci on Mattino 5, where he had the opportunity to talk about the parent who had spent the last years of his life in a very difficult condition wheelchair. In fact, Franco Tonon had died after suffering from one Brain Aneurysm: The reason for naming the father’s condition was related to the fact that the former footballer at the time Stefano Tacconi he had been hospitalized in serious condition for the same reason.

Because Tonon harbors a grudge against his father

Raffaello Tonon had told Federica Panicucci about her relationship with her father it had always been very difficult. Tonon had blamed the parent who had never been able to forgive was always absent in his life.

On that occasion, the columnist also wanted to emphasize that forgiveness had arrived for the father only after his death. The two have not been in a relationship for 10 years. Tonon Sr. was employed by the famous Olivetti company in Milan for many years during his lifetime and lived in the small town of Casalasco in the province of Cremona, having lived in the capital of Lombardy for a number of years.