Raffaella Camet: Why did you decide to retire from the Peru volleyball team at the age of 22?

The performance of Raffaella Camet She caught the attention of fans along with the Peru volleyball team at the 2009 U-18 Women’s World Cup in Thailand National team. Thanks to her ability to score and block, the athlete was considered one of the great hopes of the discipline. However, the young woman made the difficult decision to focus on another aspect of her life.

At 22, the popular “Raffi”, as she was called by her Bicolor teammates, took to her social networks to write a long message thanking her followers and the Bicolor coaches. Peruvian team. Next we will tell you why he decided to retire from the national team.

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Why did Raffaella Camet leave the Peru national team at the age of 22?

In 2015 Raffaella Camet He shared a series of photos on Facebook along with a heartfelt message in which he revealed that after a long conversation with his coach, he had come to a conclusion: to retire from the national volleyball team to pursue his career as a manager, but that he did not rule back.

“I feel like I am at a point in my life where I need to make important decisions and prioritize certain things, such as my studies, as I would not have been able to due to the tight schedule and training. to carry on. I played.” “I’ve been with the national team for eight years. And it was one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences I’ve ever had, but it’s time to step aside,” he wrote.

64f3938c80d676386b6f78b1 Raffaella Camet announced her retirement from the national team in 2015. Photo: Raffaella Camet/Facebok

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Raffaella Camet He focused on his work in the marketing department of the sports brand Nike. The former athlete is currently in Peru after completing a master’s degree at IE University in Madrid in 2022. “Before completing my master’s degree, I resigned from Nike on December 25th. On January 2nd, I was already on my way to Madrid.”, expressed on the YouTube channel “Healthy Lima with Ale Chávez”.

64f3c61d195b546e6c24e761In December 2022, Raffaella Camet completed her master’s degree in Madrid. Photo: Raffaella Camet/Instagram