Rafa Kalimann Says He Lost His Virginity Aged 13 and Already Got Hungry

Rafa Kalimann Says He Lost His Virginity Aged 13 and Already Got Hungry

Raffa Kalimann


Raffa Kalimann

This Tuesday (09) Rafa Kalimann was a guest on “Quem Pode, Pod”, the podcast presented by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme. In the conversation, she recalled difficulties she had gone through in the past and even made revelations about her love life.

“I left home very early at 14 to model. And I wanted them to do it [família dela] evolve with me My father went to the sea at the age of 45. My father taught me to speak in Faustão. He took me to Faustão and said, “This answer is great,” begins the influencer, who revealed that the family had sold everything they had so they could pursue their dream, and that’s how they managed to move to São Paulo walk.

However, she went through some difficulties in São Paulo: “It was terrible in São Paulo, I spent five years there, it didn’t work out, I starved. I come from a poor family. My father sent me 120 reais to to spend the month in the model republic.

Rafa then explains that he tried to fit into a pattern to be able to work as a model, but he couldn’t: “I didn’t fit [no padrão de modelos], I lost weight, I lost weight, and I didn’t hit 90 hips because I have more butt and thighs and that frustrated me. It does not work. I went back to my parents very frustrated.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, the exsister spoke about relationships: “I always have been [namoradeira]. I started dating when I was 13 and I’ve never stopped. The first kiss was at 11. [Perdi a virgindade] at 13.”

She tells how her first relationship was: “I moved in with him when I was 15 [o primeiro namorado]. It didn’t work out, he betrayed me.”

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Kalimann even reports that she found it difficult to remain single. “I’ve always gotten into serious relationships. I ended my marriage, a month later the first mouth I kissed I dated, I left BBB, the first mouth I kissed I made up to be in it,” he says.