Radio Kyiv: “The Russians are looking for new supplies from China”

Radio Kyiv: “The Russians are looking for new supplies from China”

A bridge between Italy, where he lives, and Ukraine, where he was born and raised. Slava is a 48-year-old man who lives in the Lower Brescia area and meets every night with friends and relatives who live in towns and villages under attack by Russian soldiers. Every day through Slava we will talk to those who are experiencing the war in the first person: This project is called “Radio Kyiv” and is curated by Tonino Zana.

Slava, in a week it will be half a year since the beginning of the war, since the Russian invasion, February 24 – August 24 the Ukrainian resistance is indeed intact. «We are on the offensive – explains Slava, our Ukrainian correspondent – ​​​​and it is not an exaggeration, we are destroying bridges, airports in the south, in Crimea, in Kharkiv we are not giving up and aiming at Kherson. Putin deploys the troops and fails to launch the final attack. Who knows how long it will take.

Putin announced increased production of weapons, Provision of up to four shifts in factories. It’s going to be very difficult because the parts to make the guns come from the West, Germany, Britain, France and America, so it’s not possible to build them.
An English institute has calculated the number of technical and technological elements that make up the weapons used by Putin’s army, 490 elements that are indispensable for the construction of these weapons of war.

Since 2014, the West had announced heavy sanctions on many technological elements, leaving the Russian military in dire straits. Sanctions are not in sight at the moment and in the long run they are powerful. The Russians You are looking for new shipments from China, Georgia, difficult. Many Georgians have died as a result of the war, leading to dissatisfaction with Putin. In the last 24 hours, the Russians have advanced a little more towards Zhaphorizia. The Russians are trying to get there by winter, and after that they will try to demoralize the West about warming. Once again, Ukraine’s courage will be tied to Western courage. Together we win or together we lose ».

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