Radio Guaíba commentator attacks Flávio Dino: “Overweight communist is not enough”  Splash

Radio Guaíba commentator attacks Flávio Dino: “Overweight communist is not enough” Splash

Lawyer Luiz Antônio Beck, commentator for Rádio Gauíba, from Porto Alegre (RS), insulted the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino (PSB), whom he described as an “obese communist”.

While attending the Boa Tarde Brasil show, Beck and the other members of the attraction, including host Júlio Ribeiro, laughed at the minister’s physical appearance.

At the time, they were discussing the possibility of the Republic’s deputy attorney general, Nicolau Dino, Flávio’s brother, being appointed to succeed Augusto Aras as head of the attorney general’s office, as the lawyer put the minister’s weight on the agenda. , due to the fact that he identified as a communist before joining the PSB he was a member of the PCdoB.

“Dino… that’s total hypocrisy because he’s… nothing against obese people, but he’s an obese person. And one obese communist isn’t enough. Three or four families could eat what he eats a day,” explained he .

Then Radio Guaíba staff spoke ironically about the number of people in a situation of food insecurity in Brazil, saying that President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) still “hasn’t bought any vaccine doses”.

The name of the program is BOA TARDE BRASIL, in @RdGuaibaOfficial The moderator is Júlio Ribeiro. What was said “Dino, that’s total hypocrisy because he’s “FETISH” and a “FAT COMMUNIST” is no good…” Guests: Dempsey Magaldi, Luiz Antônio Beck, Rafael Loungon, Ary Âlcantara

Nando Gross (@NandoGross) January 18, 2023

Minister disagrees. On his Twitter profile, Flávio Dino countered the offenses, saying that “aggressive, biased and criminal comments have been made against me” and says he wants “retreat”.

I heard that they made aggressive, biased and criminal comments against me on a radio station in RS. I expect withdrawal.
In any case, I predict that I do not envy the misery of those who need a penal code, a code of ethics and a mirror.

Flavio Dino 🇺🇸 (@FlavioDino) January 18, 2023