Quiz Who are you in Wandinha Take the test and

Quiz: Who are you in “Wandinha”? Take the test and find out! Online series

After the release of Wandinha on Netflix, the Addams family back into the limelight under the interpretation of Jenna OrtegaCatherine ZetaJones, Luis Guzman and Isaac Ordonez.

Wandinha Netflix series teaserPhoto Playback/Netflix

Tim Burton reinterpreted the story created by Charles Addams, focusing on Wednesday Addams’ youth.

Known for her godly and antisocial temperament, the young woman is enrolled in Never Again School after struggling in previous institutions.

On site, Wandinha must learn to use her psychic gifts while investigating the appearance of a monstrous creature known as Hyde.

During her investigation, she discovers details about her own family’s past. The series was included in the greatest hits list in the streaming catalog.

She placed second in English language, after Season 4 of Stranger Things.

With that in mind, Netflix recently announced that production had been renewed for 2nd season.

We made a small one personality quiz about the series. Find out which Wandinha character you are most like by answering all the questions.

Take the test:

Who are you in the circle of friends?

Have you ever been expelled from a school?

Describe your personality:

1. I am a moody person

2. I am a happy person

3. I am a mysterious person

4. I am a smart person

5. I am an anxious person

What do you do in your free time?

1. I dance, listen to music and sing

5. I like to stay at home and do nothing

What is your favorite color?

Do you usually trust people?

What is your favorite style of clothing?

2. Expensive and branded clothes

4. Clothes from the nerd and funky world

What do you think of people?

1. You are jealous and only think of yourself

2. You can always improve

3. They don’t care about me

4. They always want to be better than me

All 11 questions done!

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“Smart, sarcastic and apathetic, Wandinha Addams may be half dead inside, but at Nevermore School she will make friends and foes and investigate murders.”