Queen Elizabeth, the tragic grief: painful loss for her

Queen Elizabeth, the tragic grief: painful loss for her

Another tragic mourning for Queen Elizabeth: After her beloved Philip, the sovereign has to say goodbye to another person who is very close to her heart.

His life was and is certainly as intense as few and when he reached the venerable age of 96 years the Queen Elizabeth she remains a woman of strong character and values. The same people who have allowed her to fight against the many adversities that have certainly not been spared in 70 years of rule.

Queen Elizabeth mourns tragicallyQueen Elizabeth Sad News (Credits: Instagram)

Great joys and great sorrows punctuated her long life, and of the latter the loss of her beloved husband, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, must have been the most grievous. A really hard blow for her after spending more than seven decades together.

Not only that, in recent months the sovereign of the United Kingdom has also had to endure the pain of the death of her lady-in-waiting, Ann Fortune FitzRoy, and the death of Lady Farham, another fundamental figure for her who had always supported her at every moment . A few days ago unfortunately another sad news met Elizabeth II: It is a very dear friend of hers who passed away at the age of 97.

Queen Elizabeth, the news she never wanted to receive: a truly tragic sorrow

According to the English press Lady Myra Butters She was one of the British monarch’s closest people since they were both children. She was also very close friends with Prince Philip and is said to have had some perplexity at first about the love story between the two, according to the Daily Telegraph.

His doubts stemmed from the fact that the Duke of Edinburgh came from the military and he could hardly have joined a figure as important as Elizabeth: “You will think that too cheeky,” he said at first. However, the love between him and the sovereign was soon so evident that she changed her mind: “Happiness to you and to all of us. Because it was a beautiful fairy tale and it stays with the times,” he later admitted.

Lady Myra Butter was known to television audiences because she had often appeared in various documentaries detailing the Queen’s life and the affairs of the royal family in general. Shared by a passion for horses and swimming, Lady Butter particularly appreciated Elizabeth’s sense of humour. The latter will suffer another serious blow within a few months and for this reason the English newspapers do not hide a certain concern about the possible impact such a tragic loss could have on their health.

Queen Elizabeth mourns tragicallyQueen Elizabeth Bad News (Credits: Instagram)

Surely the sovereign Granite will once again be able to react as full of character as she always has and prove to be a strong and courageous woman.