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Queen Elizabeth, the last act of love: the PHOTO that reveals everything

There is an important legacy that followed the death of Queen Elizabeth and her funeral. It’s a huge thing.

A moment from the Queen's funeralA moment of the Queen’s funeral (Instagram photo)

The Queen Elizabeth She will be loved and remembered long after her death. Finally, we are talking about one of the most important figures who lived in the twentieth century and in the first two decades and beyond of the new millennium. A person who could act as a glue in political and social terms, and whose decisions have often steered the fate of other countries as well.

And this is the case of Ghana, which renounced the guarantees of the Soviet sphere of influence in order to remain anchored on the Atlantic side. All of this happened during an official visit in the 1960s, which ended with Queen Elizabeth busy celebrating the deal that had been reached. indulge in a local dance.

Buckingham Palace has now revealed an aspect closely linked to Queen Elizabeth’s death that speaks volumes about what it was the importance that the latter has played. Not just all of Britain, but the whole world. What the royal family has communicated is impressive because it is something Really big in numbers.

Queen Elizabeth, the latest post-funeral news: the photo says it all

There are more than fifty thousand letters and postcards Send some of the most important members of the royal family with recipients to the Royal Mailbox. Most come from the countries of Great Britain, but there are also letters and gifts from other nations on all five continents.

And that says a lot about how much the Queen was loved, who in her seventy years and throughout her reign has never relented in making people speak ill of themselves. Quite distinguished by the 74 years of marriage that have passed with the prince consort Philip.

In only one case did the sovereign accuse him of a decline in popularity. It happened on the occasion of the tragic death of Lady Diana, which took place in Paris on August 31, 1997. Following this event, Elizabeth did not appear publicly with a message of condolences or any other kind of remembrance of the daughter-in-law and mother of her two nephews, William and Harry. But even from this difficult circumstance, the queen was able to recover very well.