1664727623 Queen Elizabeth II died for THIS reason PronaTEC

Queen Elizabeth II died for THIS reason PronaTEC

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, but the reason for her death has not yet been made public. Many suspected that it could have been a fatal disease, but nothing was known about the death. Until this Thursday (29th) the monarch’s death certificate was published.

Document released by the Scottish General Register explains why Queen Elizabeth II died earlier this month. The reason can impress many people, because despite the age of 96, she showed herself to be in good health and ready to go to events even a few weeks before her death.

QueenElizabethdiedforTHISreasonFind out why Queen Elizabeth died in September (Photo: Disclosure)

Why did Queen Elizabeth II die?

According to the death certificate revealed by the Scots, Queen Elizabeth II died for one very simple reason: natural causes. That is, the monarch died of old age. Unfortunately, even if she gave the impression of being healthy, she did not resist the passage of time.

Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland while on holiday. According to the monarch’s death document, His Majesty passed away at 3:10 p.m. local time (11:10 a.m. Brasília time). His death was announced by Buckingham Palace three hours later. The person who died was the monarch’s daughter, Princess Anne.

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How was the queen’s health?

Although the public appeared to be doing well, Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t as healthy as we thought. Since the end of 2021, she has occasionally had health problems and has canceled several appointments.

However, the monarch has been causing unrest since October last year. In 2021, she spent a night in the hospital undergoing medical “examinations” that were never disclosed. From then on, the Queen severely reduced her schedule and her public appearances became increasingly infrequent. She started using walking sticks, but by then it was a given for people of old age.

worrying moment

Perhaps the most worrying moment, which already indicated something was not going well with the Queen’s health, was the appointment ceremony of Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss on Tuesday (6), two days before Elizabeth II passed away.

On this occasion, the monarch moved the event to Balmoral, where she was, for the first time in history. That had never happened before. All previous prime ministers had previously been appointed at Buckingham Palace in London, the official residence of the British monarchy.

Additionally, during the same event, a photograph released by Buckingham Palace attracted significant media and public attention. The picture shows Queen Elizabeth II shaking hands with Truss, the new British Prime Minister.

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