Queen Camilla breaks with tradition she wont have a lady

Queen Camilla breaks with tradition: she won’t have a lady in waiting

Queen Consort Camilla has decided to do away with one of the oldest traditions of British royal family organisation.

As the Chron revealed, the wife of King Charles III won’t have anymore society ladytraditionally tasked with assisting the Queens in correspondence and organizing the agenda, and accompanying them on public appearances.

Instead, Camilla’s former team as the Duchess of Cornwall will fill those roles; a decision the Queen is considering, according to the Chron “rather contemporary” and with man’s desire “Slimming down” of the monarchical institution.

So far, Queen Camilla had already renounced the ladies-in-waiting. The monarch’s new wife is supported by two private secretaries, Sophie Densham and Belinda Kimthe addition of organizing his agenda as the Duchess of Cornwall, they have accompanied her in her public appearances. In addition, Camilla is responsible for the writing of many letters alone.

“The Queen will do things a little differently. It currently has two private secretaries already performing these functions,” a royal source told the Chron. “She also has a number of friends around her that she can turn to for support when she needs it.”

there queen Elizabeth II would have seven ladies-in-waiting at the time of his death. All seven belonged to the aristocracy and were not paid to assist the monarch: it was honorary post. One of the most famous is Lady Susan Husseyconsidered the ‘head’ of Elizabeth’s ladies-in-waiting due to her long tenure: Hussey had begun helping the monarch with correspondence after the sovereign gave birth to Prince Andrew in 1960.

It is likely that the new Princess of Wales will not have a lady-in-waiting at her service either. Although the Princess Diana had some help that Princess KateLike Camilla, she has been content to have private secretaries. The first was Rebekah Deaconwho began working for Kate in 2012 and has often been misidentified as her maid of honor because she fulfills some of the role’s traditional functions.

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