Quebec Games: successful mission for Laval Athletics

Quebec Games: successful mission for Laval Athletics

Lyne Carry, director of athletics competitions at the Jeux du Québec provincial finals in Laval, regularly observed the scoreboard at the Claude-Ferragne stadium. A smile tugged at his lips as the athletes from the Laval delegation excelled.

Laval finished third in track and field with 14 medals (7-6-1) and 2,075.5 points behind the South Shore and Chaudière-Appalaches. “We’ve made significant progress and that bodes well for the years to come,” said Lyne, also general manager of athletics club Dynamique de Laval. “We have successfully fulfilled our mission and our athletes can be proud of what they have achieved at the Laval Games. »

Rarely has the Laval region finished in the top seven delegations in athletics at previous provincial finals.

“I’m proud of our third place, but our absence in the men’s combined cost valuable points. We’ll put things right with a view to the Rimouski games next summer,” Lyne promises convincingly.

A big machine

The athletics club Dynamique de Laval, which has existed since the late 1960s, is one of the great sports machines in the province of Belle. The organization benefits from good financial support from the city, part of which is dedicated to recruitment. No fewer than 20,000 students were interviewed during recruitment sessions in schools. They are made aware of the benefits of athletics through programs.

The club also reaches about 500 athletes through sections related to initiation and competition.

“I’m fortunate to have trustworthy administrators and coaches who run the club well,” says the woman, who is in her 20th year at the club.

Annie Potvin and a dozen coaches mentor about 170 athletes, ages 8 to 35, who regularly compete across the province.

“We have first class facilities, our coaches are very competent. In short, all the ingredients are there to improve and proudly represent the city of Laval,” explains Lyne.