Quebec City Film Festival: The event lasts ten to four days

Quebec City Film Festival: The event lasts ten to four days

After a year-long hiatus to allow the COVID-19 pandemic to pass, the Quebec City Film Festival will return in September with a reduced formula of four days instead of the usual ten.

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The competition with award ceremonies and the presence of international films will also be postponed in favor of a new approach, explains FCVQ Managing Director Martin Genois.

“We’re moving away from the traditional festival formula to try and reinvent the genre,” he says.

Therefore, from September 8th to 11th, the FCVQ will focus on productions from Quebec, in a formula favoring “encounters and discoveries”. We have already announced the screening of La guerre nuptiale by filmmaker Maxime Desruisseaux.

The rest of the program will be announced at a later date.

Expected Stars

A festival initiative, the presence of Oliver Stone as part of this week’s new meet-and-greet series in Quebec, is part of this desire to no longer confine FCVQ events to their usual late-summer dates.

“In a very competitive events market, we realized that the formula we wanted to tackle was to bring cinematic events to life throughout the year, rather than being present at a fixed time. ten days. »

The FCVQ would like to present up to six events with internationally renowned personalities from the world of cinema.

“We select a filmmaker who has something interesting to say and create an encounter with a high profile journalist, columnist or interviewer. We try to address issues that are more personal, always related to his work,” says the FCVQ boss.

beat the ghosts

In the same breath, Martin Genois does not completely close the door on the return of a festival spread over two weeks. “With every step we take, we want to make sure we hit the nail on the head and make this thing bigger if we want it for the September event. »

On June 17th, 100 VIP Passes will go on sale, selling for $250 each. They grant priority access to all FCVQ events.

The last presentation of the festival in the normal framework dates from September 2019.