QS in solidarity with the Islamists but not with Quebec

QS, in solidarity with the Islamists, but not with Quebec

Last Tuesday, the National Assembly condemned the statements made by the Commissioner against “Islamophobia”, Amira Elghawaby, recently appointed by Justin Trudeau. Our nation would have spoken with one voice on this issue if QS had not abstained.

Vomit Quebec

Let’s recall some of Elghawaby’s feats of arms here. In 2021, she said there was a connection between Bill 21 and the anti-Muslim bombing in London, Ontario that killed four people. That same year, a University of Toronto professor published an article in the Globe and Mail recalling that French Canadians are the largest minority victim of xenophobia in Canada. This observation is factual. Let us think in particular of the deportation of the Acadians, the Durham Report or the hanging of Louis Riel. However, Elghawaby wrote on Twitter that this reminder of the suffering of our people made her “vomit.” One must have a heart full of hate to spit on the sufferings of others like that!

Denouncing this woman was a matter of course, but QS, which says it fights intolerance, did nothing. Is it surprising when we know that this party flirts with the Islamists?

Take Haroun Bouazzi, for example. In the Elghawaby affair, this supportive MP, instead of defending his adopted country, accused the Quebec government of creating a red herring by criticizing a veiled woman!

Haroun Bouazzi


Haroun Bouazzi

In 2016, Bouazzi also attended a workshop with Elghawaby aimed at preventing “Islamophobia” in the media. This was part of a crusade he led with her against any criticism of Islam. She then worked for the National Council of Muslims in Canada (CNMC), an Islamist lobby.

This organization has already campaigned for the introduction of Sharia law into family law. In her publications, she states that a woman should not feel offended when a Muslim refuses to shake her hand. The CNMC also believes that Muslims should be able to exempt their children from music lessons in school. Also note that the organization presented Bouazzi with an award in 2016 to recognize his work.

The following year the CNMC campaigned against Bill 62 of the late Couillard government. This required citizens performing a public service, or officials performing it, to uncover their faces. Eve Torres, a veiled QS candidate in 2018, was then a CNMC spokeswoman.

However, under certain circumstances, this law only bans the niqab, which is widespread in Saudi Arabia, or the burqa, which is compulsory in Afghanistan. For Bouazzi, the passage of Bill 62 was a sad day for Quebec democracy. She pushed back our rights!

Muslim DYP

What about the fact that Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois attended a dinner organized by Islamists in 2017? The aim of the event was to promote the establishment of a Muslim DYP!

It is also worth remembering that in 2021, with Bill 21, the Muslim Association of Canada accused Quebec of “Islamophobia”. This organization is, among other things, openly anti-Semitic. As in the case of Elghawaby, our elected officials had condemned this group of Islamists…except QS.

This is the so-called Solidarity in Quebec. Instead of showing solidarity with their nation, they are showing solidarity with the Islamists!

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