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QS conquers the regions

Officially, Québec solidaire is now in “listening mode”. The party wants to go to “regions” to understand why those who live there are indifferent or even hostile to its message around the world.

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But will the people at QS really go into this campaign with open ears and willing to accept that smart people don’t vote like they do?

Woke up

Or, in the radical left-wing version of Jehovah’s Witnesses, go explaining their “good news” to beggars, hillbilly and hillbilly, in wake-up mode!

Who would seriously credit them with the humility to listen to recalcitrant voters without immediately chastising them for thinking “wrong”?

Too many analysts are convinced that the party’s economic positions explain the gap between QS and the vast majority of Quebecers.


Certainly, QS’s authoritarian neo-socialism cannot please mere mortals. But economics doesn’t explain everything.

The real tension lies elsewhere, in QS’s “identity” positions, in its woke positioning, if you prefer.

Quebecers as a whole are allergic to QS’s more-than-favorable bias toward “reasonable accommodation.”

They want to shut down Roxham and don’t like being called xenophobic.

They want to reduce immigration and don’t see why they should be accused of racism for doing so.

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They’re sick of the systemic racism theory and tired of being told they just have to open up to it.

They reject “positive discrimination,” which they rightly see as a form of racism against the majority, and resent the idea that certain positions are automatically banned for bad white men.

So let’s ask again: is QS really willing to question its very dogmatic worldview on this matter? I doubt.

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