Qatargate, Kaili remains in prison.  The lawyer: “Torture  like conditions in the cell, in the cold and without …

Qatargate, Kaili remains in prison. The lawyer: “Torture like conditions in the cell, in the cold and without …

Former Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kailiheld in prison by Haren since last December 9 as part of the investigation Qatargatemust remain in prison for at least another month. The federal prosecutor found out Belgium according to the decision of the Council Chamber of Brussels court. Kaili’s lawyers had repeated their request for house arrest with the electronic bracelet shortly before the decision was announced. A request that was denied again. But not only. The two lawyers Mihalis Dimitrakopoulos and Andre Risopoulosaccused the Belgian authorities at the end of the pre-trial detention review hearing of having subjected the policy to a “condition of torture”.

Dimitrakopoulos stated that “Kaili was in solitary confinement by order of the coroner from Wednesday 11 January to Friday 13 January Michael Klaise. She was in there for sixteen hours a police cellnot in prison and in the cold. She was denied a second blanket and had her coat removedthe light in the room was always on and prevented her from sleeping, she was on her period Period with severe blood loss and was not allowed to wash. This is torture.” The lawyer then continued, reading a document prepared in consultation with the same former Vice-President of the European Parliament: “Kaili is charged, but the presumption of innocence always applies. We are in Europe, these acts violate the European Convention on Human Rights. This is the Middle Ages“. The lawyer made public Kaili’s request for the media to “make these facts public, because transparency is the soul of the judiciary”. “Let’s hope,” he said again, “that there is a fair trial. We are in Europe”.

The lawyers also insisted that the former Vice-President of the European Parliament “had an opportunity to see his daughter in six weeks’ detention twenty three months only twice. For us, this is a “break” with “common sense” and with “reasonable action in relation to the situation”. And given the decision to extend the detention, Kaili will not be able to see his daughter again “until February”., added the lawyer. “In Belgium – explains the lawyer – the only rule that officially allows seeing your daughter in prison it is for the condemned, not in custody. It’s something unregulated.”

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