Putins New Perfect Humiliation

Putin’s New Perfect Humiliation

The Lyman region, evacuated by Russian troops on Saturday, was liberated by Ukrainians on Sunday. Historic message from the Pope to Presidents Putin and Zelensky.

And again, a humiliation of the Russian military, but especially its supreme leader and generalissimo in the Kremlin, is perfect: after the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on Saturday that the main transport hub at Lyman, in the Ukrainian half of the Donetsk would be evacuated in the face of a Ukrainian attack, Kyiv announced on Sunday that the city and its wider surroundings had been completely taken over.

As if that were not enough, generally well-informed British sources said that the Russians, who in principle could only retreat along a main road if they did not want to cross the country by car or on foot, suffered heavy losses from artillery fire and combat-missiles. tank along the way. There must have been many victims. Lyman was held by around 5,000 men, including a regiment of 20th Army riflemen and two moderately motivated regiments from the breakaway Luhansk region. Estimates of the number of victims have not yet been published.