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Putin wants to create one "radioactive tsunami" The NATO secret service sounds the alarm with the Poseidon torpedo

Vladimir Putin would be ready to drop the nuclear bomb with the Belgorod submarine and the Poseidon torpedo that could cause tsunamis

Published on: 02-10-2022 12:48

Mirko Ledda


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Vladimir Putin seems intent on not rising again war in Ukraine. The annexation of the four regions to Russia is seen as the beginning of a new phase in the conflict. And there is a fear that Moscow could now resort to the use weapons nuclear.

What is the Belgorod submarine and why does it scare NATO analysts?

An intelligence report Borntransmitted to the Atlantic Commands and announced by the Republic in the last few days would confirm Western Bloc fears.

The document would speak of movements Submarine Belgorodthe only means of the Russian fleet capable of launching checked nuclear.

Long 184 meters and wide fifteencan sail at approx 60 kilometre timetables and with an estimated autonomy of about 4 months without having to return to the surface.

Is Vladimir Putin ready to drop the atomic bomb from the Poseidon?

The Belgorod was commissioned in July and was recently sighted in the Arctic seas. According to the European and American 007s, he could be on his way to completing one frightening mission.

NATO alert for the Belgorod submarine with a nuclear warhead: Putin could do it Photo source: ANSA Small submarines of the Russian fleet.

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The Belgorod enters service in the Russian Navy: it is the largest submarine ever launched since the USSR era

This is to test the torpedo for the first time Poseidonthe analysts as “the weapon ofApocalypse‘, as Repubblica reports.

The Poseidon is a 24 meter torpedo equipped with a headers nuclear of two megatons, capable of traveling over 10,000 kilometers under the waves and detonating near shore, making a “tsunami radioactive“.

That is, a wave capable Delete integers metropolis and contaminate soil and water for decades.

Because Russia is unlikely to attack the cities of the West

There is a lot skepticism On the part of Western generals on Vladimir Putin’s effective use of this advanced weapon capable of evading the control systems of all countries in the NATO bloc.

Some trials may have been conducted several years ago, but the Kremlin has never announced anything officially a test. And because of that, it’s likely that things didn’t go the way they should have in the past.

However, if NATO’s fears prove to be justified, Vladimir Putin could decide to go for it Goals different from Ukraine.

Unlikely that the goal is one capital city European or American, considering that a direct attack would trigger an immediate and equally destructive reaction that would level Moscow and unleash Third World War.

Rather, Russia could damage strategic infrastructure. As probably happened with the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, from which the methane cloud we spoke about escaped towards Italy.

What is certain is that Vladimir Putin still has many aces in the hole to play and doesn’t seem ready to sign peace treaties soon. Only time will reveal his true war plans.


Photo source: ANSA