Putin, the Russian elite negotiates peace with the West behind the Tsar: “Bug on sanctions, war

Putin, the Russian elite negotiates peace with the West behind the Tsar: “Bug on sanctions, war

The Russian elite is beginning to no longer tolerate the sanctions imposed on the country after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. At the moment, the proportion that disagrees with the Tsar’s policies would be extremely large. The same disc would include senior Russian officials currently trying to negotiate peace, according to Moscow sources. According to a document apparently circulating among Western intelligence agencies and first published exclusively by The Mirror: “A representative of Putin’s inner circle has sent the West a signal that it is ready to negotiate. The mood in the Kremlin elite is almost panic. “Ukraine believes senior Kremlin officials are trying to contact Western intelligence agencies behind Putin’s back, a Kyiv diplomatic source told The Mirror.”


Russia ready to build military base in Serbia, Russian ambassador in Belgrade: “It’s in Moscow’s interest”

Seven Months War

The war has entered its seventh month and Russian troops are now stuck in southern and eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, fears of a disaster at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia are growing after Russian troops were accused of converting it into a military base. Tensions erupted last week when the rockets landed just 10 meters from the nuclear power plant.

At the same time, Russian troops are struggling to make significant gains in eastern Ukraine’s Kherson and Luhansk regions, the two regions that make up the Donbass, Moscow’s top target region, after the original plan to quickly take over all of Ukraine fell apart in a few weeks.

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