Putin the former retired Russian spy The tsar uses nuclear

Putin, the former retired Russian spy: “The tsar uses nuclear blackmail to save his skin, here is his plan s

«Putin has announced another annexation, this time of four regions of Ukraine. The West will not see this as Russia’s holy campaign for its country. It will be difficult for the Russians to sell this idea too, now they are determined to save themselves from mobilization. Don’t be fooled, Putin doesn’t have that many ambitions and obsessions anymore. He saves his skin because he is aware that if the war is not already lost, it will be lost. And the first black swans of his defeat have already flown». These reflections were confided to the Ukrainian outlet UNIAN by the Russian politician and colonel of the retired FSB intelligence service Gennady Gudkov.


Putin’s bloody plan

«Putin has a very clear, pragmatic and cynical bloody plan. It sets the stage for future nuclear blackmail. He likes to manipulate history. I don’t think it’s necessary to pay attention to all this, it serves to distract us,” added Gudkov. “Putin is a pathological formalist. Stalin was like that – explains the former retired Russian spy – There was not a single execution, exile in the camps or murder without a piece of paper. Putin is very similar to him in that sense, so he needs formal documents on referenda, voting and decisions,” Gudkov said.

The fake

“There is a complete forgery, a forgery, but Putin needs a formal piece of paper to cover up the evidence of the crime. And now he will threaten the whole world with this teaching. He’s already started playing. And the doctrine is ready, Nikolai Patrushev, the powerful secretary of the Security Council, wrote it on purpose. And if suddenly someone attacks Russia, if its existence is threatened, an existential threat, Russia can use nuclear weapons. And now this madman in the Kremlin will blackmail the world with a nuclear attack. Putin launches into a nuclear holocaust ».