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Putin talks to Xi, sends New Year’s message [videos] The citizen

China Y Russia They should strengthen strategic coordination to bring more benefits to both peoples and bring more stability to the world, the Chinese president said last Friday, April 30. Xi Jinpingat a meeting with the Russian President, Wladimir Putinvia a video link.

Xi stressed that both sides should continue to make good use of the existing mechanisms to drive the progress of cooperation in economy, trade, energy, finance and agriculture.

China stands ready to resume normal cross-border travel with Russia and other countries in an orderly manner, Xi said.

China is willing to work with Russia and all the world’s progressive forces who oppose hegemonism and power politics, stand together against unilateralism, protectionism and bullying, and firmly uphold the sovereignty, security and development interests of both countries, and international fairness and justice, said Xi.

For his part, Putin said that in the current complex and serious international situation, Russia-China relations have maintained solid development momentum, witnessing steady progress of cooperation in various fields such as energy, agriculture, transport, infrastructure, sports and people-to-people exchanges.

The strength, maturity and stability of relations between Russia and China have continued to grow, Putin noted, adding that the importance of strategic coordination between the two countries has increased and bilateral ties as a model for relations between the two main ones countries could serve in the 21st century.

Russia is ready to establish close coordination with China on multilateral platforms such as United Nationsthe Shanghai Cooperation Organizationthe BRICS and the group of 20explained Putin.

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1672676730 348 Putin talks to Xi sends New Years message videos The1672676730 348 Putin talks to Xi sends New Years message videos TheSurrounded by the military, the president explained in his speech that Russia is protecting its people in its historical territories. Photo from kremlin.ru

Putin congratulated the participants of the special military operation, adding that they are heroes for all Russian citizens.

“Historical and moral integrity is on our side,” the Russian leader said, adding that Russia is fighting for its own independence, for its people, and that the sovereign and independent future depends only on the will of Russians.

For their part, he continued, the Russian authorities will do everything they can to help the families of the soldiers who died during the operation. “I wholeheartedly share your pain and ask you to accept my sincere words of support,” Putin stressed, adding that those who lost their lives gave their lives to protect the lives of other people.

“Our struggle for ourselves, for our interests and for our future undoubtedly serves as an inspiration to other nations in their quest for a just multipolar world order,” he said.

Putin also considered it essential that qualities such as compassion, solidarity and active responsiveness have gained prominence this year.

“More and more citizens feel the need to help others. You join on your own, with no formal instructions. I want to thank them for their sensitivity, responsibility and kindness,” said the Russian President, noting that citizens in particular help the residents of Russia Donbass.

He also accused west that he “lied about peace and prepared for aggression and now says it openly”. According to the President, the West is using the Ukrainian people to weaken Russia, but the Eurasian country will never allow this. Russia «has been living under sanctions since 2014, but this year the sanctions war was declared. However, the West has not achieved its goals,” Putin added.

The Russian leader stressed that “for years the elites of Western countries have been speaking.” Moscow of his peaceful plans, in particular “in connection with the resolution of the serious conflict in Donbass”.

“In fact, they provided all-round support to the neo-Nazis, who continued to openly carry out terrorist military actions against the civilian population of the Donbass People’s Republics,” the president stressed.

He also stressed that the guarantees of peace and security must be reliably provided.

Putin is confident that together Russian citizens will overcome all difficulties and preserve the country’s greatness and independence. “We need to put all grudges behind us and tell each other that we love each other,” he said.

The President expressed the hope that these heartfelt congratulations will give everyone the greatest possible strength.

“Russia will remain great and independent, only forward,” Putin declared.

For the first time, the Russian President delivered his New Year’s address to Russians from the kremlin, surrounded by soldiers, many of whom wore state medals. Normally, the high official speaks to the Russians a few minutes before New Year’s Eve and summarizes the results of the past year in front of the Kremlin.

“If you take into account the time difference, you know that the new year is already here Kamchatkathe President of Russia from there [desde la sede del distrito militar del sur] congratulated the Russians on the New Year and addressed them with his traditional speech,” the Kremlin spokesman said. Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, all Russians will see the congratulations, from Kamchatka to Moscow.

Peskov also noted that the Russian President presented medals and decorations of honor to the soldiers who showed their courage during the special operation.

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Sources: Xinhua and Sputnik