Putin on parade: New naval doctrine in effect

Putin on parade: New naval doctrine in effect

Russian President Vladimir Putin put a new naval doctrine into effect on Naval Forces Day in St Petersburg. Russia’s maritime boundaries, including in the Arctic and the Black Sea, were also defined there. “We will ensure protection forcefully and by all means,” the Kremlin chief told a parade. Earlier, Russia reported a Ukrainian drone attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet headquarters on the Crimean peninsula, annexed to Russia. However, Ukraine rejected this.

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The new doctrine claimed that the US quest for dominance of the world’s oceans was a “challenge to Russia’s national security”. The document, which Putin ceremoniously signed, also stipulates that the military infrastructure in Crimea’s annexed Black Sea peninsula will be expanded. According to the doctrine, the construction of modern aircraft carriers is also planned.

At the parade, Putin also announced that the new Zirkon hypersonic maritime missile would enter service soon. Delivery of the missiles will begin in the coming months, with the frigate Almirante Gorshkov being the first to be equipped with them. In the presentation in front of thousands of spectators, Putin did not directly address the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

Kyiv denies drone attack in Crimea

Meanwhile, an alleged drone attack in Crimea has caused a stir. “This morning, Ukrainian nationalists decided to spoil our Navy Day,” wrote Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Rasvozhayev. The Russian allegations are “a deliberate provocation”, a spokesperson for the regional administration of Odessa, Ukraine, said in a video posted on Telegram.

Fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine continued. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the people of Donetsk to flee. Mykolayiv Mayor Olexander Senkewytsch also spoke of “probably the most intense bombing ever” since the start of the war. Ukrainian grain magnate Oleksiy Vadaturskyj was killed.

And: people are still waiting for the first Ukrainian grain export ship to leave Ukrainian ports. According to Turkey, the first grain freighter will leave a Ukrainian port on the Black Sea on Monday.

What is needed for peace in Ukraine?

Months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the war continues with unabated severity. A peaceful solution at the negotiating table still seems a long way off. What can Europe do to end the conflict? What role do Western arms shipments play? How effective are EU sanctions against Russia? What is needed for peace?

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