1657009080 Putin obsessed with Covid and diseases quarantines and countless tests

Putin obsessed with Covid and diseases: quarantines and countless tests what those who want to meet him must do

Four molecular swabs and two Covid-19 antibody tests just to shake the President’s hand: the expenses are insane

By: VirgilioNotizie | Published on: 07-05-2022 09:10

6.8 millions from euros. It’s the number that shows it Costs be entered into the Russian budget preserve the “bladder“That protects Putin. The head of the Kremlin has indeed gone on the road again and all the security measures that have surrounded him lately are moving with him.

The numerous precautions taken to protect the Moscow boss’ health were revealed by an investigation by BBC Russia.

Four molecular swabs and two Covid-19 antibody tests: Putin’s extreme measures against the corona virus

According to media research, meeting the President of the Russian Federation is not easy: you need to pass a number of exams, including four tampons molecular, two test of antibody Covid-19 and more.

Other investigations have to do with thatinfluenceplease refer staph Golden Worms, influence, retreat of blood and feces.

The “luxury” isolation of the generals: the lockdown to shake hands with the Kremlin boss in his weeks

“When it was my turn, I said goodbye. He smiled and gave me strictly there but no‘ Said a general. Before that happened, the man was asked for one at the May 9 parade that took place on Red Square Fourty out two weeks.

Kremlin chief Vladimir PutinPhoto source: ANSA Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

The same treatment was reserved for approx four hundred People who sat next to Vladimir Putin or met him personally. You are in isolation luxurious hotel with four or five stars, like the President, the Golden Ring.

The desperation of the collaborators: There are those who quit because they weren’t in quarantine

Then there are those who, inevitably, have to contact the President more often, and then they find themselves constant in Fourty: In order to isolate the close circle of Putin’s associates from the virus, they were closed to the tourism dozens of sanatoriumsFor a Costs that would be about them 1.7 billion euros in grants.

Putin's Russian ships threaten Japan, but they are not alone: ​​the ally is China

You may be interested to know that Putin’s Russian ships are threatening Japan, but you are not alone: ​​the ally is China

Tensions over the Senkaku Islands, at the center of a dispute between Tokyo and Beijing: a Chinese ship has been spotted with a Russian frigate

Of course, spending so much time disconnected from the outside world is not easy: in 2021 there are those who have spent well 5 months to isolate himself to meet the President. A routine that Ilya Filatov, the camera operator out Putinhe thought it was untenable until he resigned: “I’m fed up with being in quarantine for months,” he commented on his decision to give up resignation.

Among those forced to remain in perpetual isolation there are also a team out doctors which follows the head of the Kremlin in all his movements.

Wladimir Putin

Photo source: ANSA