1664703329 Putin is looking for the culprits for Lyman he will

“Putin is looking for the culprits for Lyman, he will have you killed one after the other,” Zelenskyy warns the Russians

“Leave Putin or he’ll have you killed one by one. The generals have already started blaming each other, they’re looking for scapegoats,” Zelensky told Russians after Lyman’s arrest.

Putin is looking for the culprits for Lyman he will

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“Until you all solve the problem with the one who started it all, the one who started this senseless war of Russia against Ukraine, They will be killed one by one and act as scapegoats”because the Kremlin “will not admit that this war is a historic mistake for Russia,” warns the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his last public speech after taking Lyman.

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“The Ukrainian flag is already in Lyman, in the Donetsk region. The fight is still ongoing, but there is no sign of a pseudo-referendum. There they have already begun to point to each other: They look for the culprits and blame some generals for failure. This is the first alarm bell which should be heard by the Russian government at all levels,” Zelensky stressed, referring to Putin’s alleged purges following the withdrawal of Russian troops from eastern Ukraine.

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After all, the capture of the small strategic town is certain 24 hours after the announcement of the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories A setback for Putin. The Lyman disaster also comes after a series of dramatic Russian retreats with Ukrainian troops almost completely liberating the northeastern Kharkiv region.

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Meanwhile, after the Russian withdrawal, the Ukrainians plan to advance not only in the Donetsk region, but also in the Luhansk region. “The liberation of Lyman is one of the key factors for the further liberation of the Luhansk region,” said the Ukrainian governor of the region.

Putin is looking for the culprits for Lyman he will

Actually loud ISW Analysts, Putin seems more concerned than Kherson and Zaporizhia those of the Lugansk region. Indeed, the latest report by the American Institute for the Study of War indicates that despite the recent collapse of the Kharkiv-Isyum front, Putin has moved many troops from the east to strengthen Russian army positions in the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions even the fact that the Russian defenses around Lyman collapsed. “The decision not to fortify the vulnerable front lines around Kupyansk and Lyman was almost certainly a decision by Putin, not the military command,” the ISW experts say, adding: “This suggests that Putin is much more interested in it is to keep as the strategic territories the Kherson and Zaporozhye oblasts, as well as the Luhansk oblast”.