Putin increasingly impeded

With his “referendum” in the occupied territories of Ukraine, Putin mocks all democratic values. The staging of the illegal takeover was rejected around the world. Through its blackmail with gas and oil, Europe has grown together economically, militarily and humanly. The president’s plan to achieve a split has yet to pan out. Sweden and Finland are reacting to Putin’s war of aggression and are on their way to NATO. The world turned its back on Russia after the invasion and nuclear threats. With the partial mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists, many more soldiers are sacrificed for their war. After millions fled Ukraine, thousands of Russians who don’t want to go to war are now fleeing their country as quickly as possible. Putin and the Russian people are among the biggest losers. Personally, as a human being and as a President, you have failed on all fronts! Sanctions not only harm the West, they also marginalize the Russian economy with increasingly visible consequences. Innocent refugees, needlessly killed soldiers and civilians, as well as unspeakable destruction make Putin responsible for hardship, suffering and misery for the rest of his life. Organizations, sports associations, science and artists exclude Russia from competition and cooperation. Frozen assets, unusable real estate, the fancy vacations of wealthy Russians who invaded ski resorts with dozens of planes are a thing of the past. A new Iron Curtain, behind which it stands as lonely as North Korea, isolates Russia and its warlord from the world.