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putin humiliated, "The southern offensive has begun": all ready for the final act

putin humiliated quotThe southern offensive has begunquot all ready for

Excited by last month’s battle victories that allowed them to regain ground, the Ukrainians continue their offensives against the Russians. The last was launched in the south with the same goal as always, namely to regain control of the territories occupied by Musca’s troops. The Russian Defense Ministry has had to admit that the clashes have shifted to the Mylokayiv region and near Andriyvka in the Kherson region.

Morale among Ukrainians is certainly high, especially after the recapture of the city of Lyman: it’s a victory that caused a stir both because of the city’s strategic importance in the Donetsk region and because it came just hours after it was announced. Vladimir Putin’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions (including Donetsk) to Russia. The latter appears to be increasingly under pressure now that it is clear to all that his special military operation has largely failed.

To the point that Chechen leader Kadyrov slammed Russian military leaders and urged Putin to resort to other methods, namely tactical nuclear weapons. In the meantime, the Ukrainians have come from the USA: “They did very, very well in the Kharkiv area. In the von Kherson – explained Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin – they are going a little slower, but they are making progress.