Putin Finland wants to build a wall to Russia 130

Putin, Finland wants to build a wall to Russia: 130 to 260 km barbed wire border

The tension between Finland and Finland is growing Russia, which borders 1,340 km. Since Putin’s troops invaded Ukraine, the Finnish country has repeatedly been the target of Russian threats. The direct result was Finland’s historic renunciation of its neutrality and its desire to join NATO with Sweden. One of the hot topics of the past few weeks has been strengthening borders. The Helsinki Parliament had already passed a law allowing for barricades and, in special cases, barbed wire fences to be erected.


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The Finnish plan is progressing

Earlier this week, the Finnish government confirmed that plans to build such a border fence are progressing. Of the more than 1,300 kilometers of border they share with Russia, it was decided to build between 130 and 260 kilometers of the fence, in areas considered most vulnerable, such as: B. Border crossings. The main part of the fence will be located in the priority border control area of ​​Southeast Finland. As International Affairs Director Matti Pitkäniitty confirmed to local media, the fence will likely be “made of metal and barbed wire” and will also be fitted with surveillance equipment.

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When the barrier is complete

Work could start as early as this year and it is estimated that it will take three to four to complete the fence “depending on the availability of funds and the smooth running of the procurement process”. The project – as acknowledged in Finland – is quite “large and expensive, with an estimated cost of hundreds of millions of euros”. As part of the same plan, Helsinki authorized the “complete closure” of its borders to Russian tourists, even if they have a visa issued in a Schengen country, arguing that their arrival “could cause serious harm to Finland’s international position”. As of Thursday, 55,362 Russians had entered Finland after Putin announced he would mobilize 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine.