Putin, call with Xi reinvigorates Russian  Chinese alliance: “More anti  sanctions and defense cooperation

Putin, call with Xi reinvigorates Russian Chinese alliance: “More anti sanctions and defense cooperation

A phone call between Beijing and Moscow reconnects the threads of the China-Russia alliance against Western countries. Chinese President Xi Jinping called Vladimir Putin in the afternoon to clarify his country’s position on the war in Ukraine and to define future plans for a relationship that the Russian-initiated conflict has called into question, at least in detail. On the table of confrontation is Putin’s decision to attack Kyiv, fueled by “actions to defend his national interests in the face of external challenges,” which he described as legitimate. According to the Kremlin, the two leaders also stressed that “the Russian and Chinese positions on the global arena are united, or in any case very close.”

At the same time, there was talk of sanctions. The respective presidents confirmed that relations between Russia and China “have reached an unprecedented level and are constantly improving”. As the Kremlin quoted by TASS reports, the two have agreed to “intensify cooperation in the energy, financial and industrial sectors in the face of illegal Western sanctions”.

The military decrees of Xi

Beijing’s openness to national defense also sees rising tensions with the United States over Taiwan in the background. Just today, President Xi Jinping issued a series of decrees because “China has its own experimental plans for military operations other than war. These are measures consisting of 59 articles and six chapters, which, according to the Xinhua Agency, aim to “protect people’s life and property, safeguard national sovereignty, security and interests in development, and safeguard world peace and regional stability.” The move comes at a time of heightened international tensions, marked primarily by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, portrayed by Moscow as a “special military operation,” and by mounting pressure on Taiwan, which China considers an “inalienable” part of its territory destined for reunification, if necessary also by use of force.The initiative, the details and scope of which are not yet known, nevertheless comes at a very sensitive political moment and in the midst of the election campaign and the preparations for the Communist Party Congress Party at the end of the year, where Xi is expected to set an example Lose third term at the top of the CCP.

China-Russia, the Xi-Putin call

China is ready to work with Russia to continue to support each other on fundamental interests and major concerns such as sovereignty and security, to intensify strategic coordination between the two countries, and to strengthen communication and coordination in major international and regional organizations such as the UN , BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ». President Xi Jinping said this to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a telephone call in the afternoon in a report by state broadcaster CCTV.

Common Stocks in Emerging Markets

The two sides, Xi added, should promote their actions with emerging and developing countries, which should “join together and work together to develop the international order and global governance in a more just and reasonable direction.” The Chinese president also stressed that China-Russia relations have “maintained a good pace of development” since early 2022 amid turmoil and global changes. Bilateral economic and trade cooperation is “progressing steadily and the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk Bridge has been opened to traffic, providing a new channel for connecting the two countries.”

The Chinese side is ready to work with the Russian side “to promote the constant and long-term development of bilateral pragmatic cooperation.” For his part, Putin also stated in the CCTV report that under Xi’s leadership, China has achieved remarkable results in terms of development, and Russia extends its warmest congratulations and acknowledges that bilateral cooperation has been developing steadily since the beginning of the year. Moscow “also supports the global security initiative proposed by the Chinese side and opposes any force interfering in China’s internal affairs under the pretext of the so-called Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other issues, and is ready to promote multilateral cooperation with China.” to strengthen”.