1695838466 Purgatoris death tests show no brain metastases News Ansait ​​​​

Purgatori’s death, tests show no brain metastases News Ansa.it ​​​​

Marco Maffettone) “No signs of brain metastasis at time of death”. These are the first conclusions reached by advisers to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office as part of the complex autopsy work related to the file opened on the death of journalist Andrea Purgatori. The histological examinations were completed on Wednesday and a meeting with the party advisors took place during the day to take stock. The investigations “consistently” show that there was no trace of tumor cells in the brain area at the time of death, which occurred in July after a real ordeal that lasted several months. In the case, which was initiated following a complaint from family members, Gianfranco Gualdi and Claudio di Biasi, two doctors who worked at a diagnostic facility in the capital and who diagnosed the journalist with a form of brain cancer, were entered into the suspect register for manslaughter. The processing of the finds was carried out at the Forensic Medical Institute of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic according to the samples taken as part of the first tranche of the autopsy examination on July 26.

At the end of the investigation, the prosecutors of Piazzale Clodio will, with the reports and reports, request an evidentiary hearing in order to crystallize as evidence the results of the consultation, but also the first reports and in particular the x-rays on the basis of which diagnosis was made and the subsequent therapy , which included cycles of radiation therapy. The family members, supported by the lawyers Alessandro and Michele Gentiloni Silveri, take note of the results of the autopsy and reiterate their trust “in the work of the judiciary, with the sole intention of establishing the truth about the events and any responsibilities”. . It was they who asked the prosecutors, coordinated by deputy Sergio Colaiocco, to clarify whether there were errors in the diagnosis and treatment. The Atlantis host’s ordeal begins on April 24th when, exhausted, he goes to a private clinic to undergo examinations. “The tests gave false values,” was the answer, so it was decided to perform a biopsy. An activity that is carried out in a specialized facility and whose outcome is dramatic: a form of tumor spreads to different areas of the body, lungs and brain. This was reported by one of the two doctors who later ended up in the suspect register.

Puragtori then undergoes massive radiation therapy, which the journalist carries out in a third clinic. Conditions remained stable enough until mid-May that the journalist continued to work on broadcasting Atlantis. But then things get worse. In June, he underwent a CT scan at the first clinic he visited in April. Here comes the twist: no traces of brain metastases, only traces of cerebral ischemia. A situation that was also confirmed by a further investigation in another building. However, the former Corriere della Sera journalist is getting worse and worse. He is admitted to one of the capital’s polyclinics: the first dramatic diagnosis is confirmed to his family. After a few days he died.

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