Pupo: “I think Totti is addicted to gambling”

Pupo: “I think Totti is addicted to gambling”

by Salvatore Riggio

The singer: “When I played poker with him, I remember looking into his eyes and immediately realizing that he was very passionate about the game.”

The last few months have been very painful for Francesco Totti. Starting with the end of his marriage to Ilary Blasi, the disputes over bags and Rolex, and investigations into money laundering. Mutually, it is rumored that this could bring out his passion for gambling. In an interview with the Quotidiano Nazionale, his pupo, who has personally faced betting and gambling addiction in the past, said: “I only played poker once with Francesco Totti, during a solidarity tournament organized as a fundraiser for the earthquake victims from L’Aquila,” explained the singer of “Gelato al Cioccolato” and “Su di noi”. Adding: “I remember as soon as I looked into his eyes I could tell he was very passionate about the game. In my opinion, Totti is a good, sensitive and generous person, all qualities that unfortunately are almost always present in people with gambling addictions».

Revelations drawing attention to the special moment the former Giallorossi captain is going through have been on the front pages of gossip papers for months about the end of the marriage to Ilary Blasi and the beginning of a new love story, the one with Naomi Bocchi. In fact, even Massimo Giletti’s program “Non è l’Arena” has returned to deal with Totti, proposing a stolen audio of the former footballer in which he claims to know nothing about the affair of the Rolex sold in Montecarlo. “I don’t know who these watches belong to,” one hears. In addition, Giletti also interviewed an alleged friend who claims he received money for bets. In short, it’s not a good time for the world champions in Germany 2006.

Jan 17, 2023 (change Jan 17, 2023 | 3:37 p.m.)