PT Website Suffers From Hack Attack

PT website suffers from hack attack 01/29/2023

The PT (Workers’ Party) website was the target of a hacking attack this morning. The as yet unidentified perpetrator of the invasion posted a photo of former porn star Kid Bengala on the party’s website home page.

Alongside the photo of Kid Bengala, the attacker posted messages against President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva and the party and a link to a porn video site.

Last Friday (27), singer Luan Santana’s Twitter profile was hacked with the same photo of Kid Bengala. The hacker also changed the information in the artist’s profile bio.

In addition, in one of the posts created by the hacker on the singer’s account, he indicates a profile to follow. “I’m joking like this. I promise you’ll enjoy it,” he wrote at the time.