ProTrump conspirator is fighting for position to monitor elections

ProTrump conspirator is fighting for position to monitor elections

Tuesday night was the night of the Republican Party primary elections in four states: Maine, North Dakota, South Carolina and most notably Nevada. The state, whose capital is Las Vegas, has become one of the most important in presidential elections, now leaning towards one party, now the other (Joe Biden won the state in 2020 by just two percentage points) and preparing for one tense halftime before elections (or “midterms”).

Nevada is important to the 2024 White House race and control of the Senate and House all Democrats in the state fear a decline in Joe Biden’s popularity making the victory of a conservative conspiracy theorist and staunch supporter of Donald Trump for the secretary State race has become a concern for the left.

Jim Marchant, who accused the 2020 election of being a Biden rigging, won the Republican primary as secretary of state — a key role in the 2024 antechamber because, as secretary of state, he oversees and certifies the outcome of the election and sets the rules of voting rights, edits voter registration and also handles campaign finance issues.

That makes a possible Marchant win a nightmare for Democrats. In 2020, Marchant lost a race for congressman and, following in Trump’s footsteps, accused the election of fraud. In those “midterms,” ​​the candidate pledged that if elected, he would ban voting in electronic devices, absentee voting and early voting and at the height of the pandemic, absentee voting and early voting were promoted by Democrats as two forms of the Votes clearly leaned toward Joe Biden (raising even more suspicions of Republican voter fraud).

NO postal voting! We must protect our electoral integrity! VOTE Jim Marchant in 2022 to FIGHT Voter Fraud!

— Jim Marchant (@VoteJimMarchant) May 18, 2022

The proTrump candidate (who incidentally was never directly sponsored by the former president, although he was a loyal follower) is also known as a supporter of QAnon, a set of ultraconservative conspiracy theories that argue that the government, the media, the Wall Street and Hollywood are controlled by pedophiles and Satan worshipers who control a child trafficking network.

The conspiracy theory gained traction in 2020 during the pandemic and presidential election, and conservative social media bubbles fueled by QAnon posts became a key vehicle to mobilize Trump supporters for the Capitol invasion.

Jim Marchant will now face the Democratic nominee Francisco Aguilar in November’s election.

The night was filled with victories for Donald Trump, who has used these midterm elections to measure his influence in the Republican Party. Trump and his supporters remain hopeful that the former president will face Joe Biden again for the White House, despite much of the party favoring a change of leadership from the Conservatives.

President: Republican Elementary School 2024

Donald Trump 53% (3)
Ron DeSantis 16% (+3)
Mike Pence 13% (+3)
Nikki Haley 4% (2)
Ted Cruz 3% (1)
Mitt Romney3% (=)

+ compared to March 23rd

Politico/Morning Consult
06/040605/712 RV

— Interactive Polls (@IAPolls2022) June 8, 2022

One of the main factors that has contributed (or not) to Donald Trump’s endorsement of candidates is their views on the 2020 election. They have the support of the former president, while Republicans who question Trump’s undemocratic leanings aim for an intense campaign of personal attacks are .

On Tuesday, 11 candidates defending the former president’s lie won their primaries, including Nevada Senate nominee Adam Laxalt and Nevada gubernatorial nominee Joe Lombardo, two men standing in two of the most important of the “Midterms.” (creating a strong election) will play the main role in proTrump aura in the territory).

In contrast, only three candidates won their primaries who have openly said the 2020 election was clean and fair.

The US midterm elections are on November 8th.

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