Protests in Iran Germany urges Germans to leave the country

Protests in Iran Germany urges Germans to leave the country

The Federal Foreign Ministry is asking Germans to leave Iran. “German citizens are invited to leave Iran,” the ministry said in its updated travel alert on Thursday. “For German citizens there is a real risk of being arbitrarily arrested, interrogated and sentenced to long prison terms.”

Above all, dual nationals who have Iranian citizenship in addition to German are at risk. In the recent past, there have been a large number of arbitrary arrests of foreign nationals.

Travel notice since October 4th

Austria has already issued a travel advisory on 4 October. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna strongly recommends that Austrians leave the country. At the Foreign Ministry, about 140 Austrians living abroad and their family members are registered in Iran, a spokeswoman said at the request of the APA. The vast majority of them are dual nationals who do not want to leave the country. About 40 people are currently registered on trips.

Mass protests over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini have been raging in Iran for more than six weeks. The Kurd died in police custody on 16 September. The so-called deputy police arrested her because she was said to be dressed inappropriately. Since then, the protests have become the biggest challenge to spiritual leadership since 1979. At that time, the Shah was overthrown in the course of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic was proclaimed. (APA/Portal)