Prosecutor determined: It’s getting uncomfortable for former RBB director Schlesinger Politics

Prosecutor determined: It’s getting uncomfortable for former RBB director Schlesinger Politics

Attorney General investigates |

Things get even more uncomfortable for Schlesinger!

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The Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office closed the investigation into the Case about former RBB director Patricia Schlesinger (61) drawn to himself.

The announcement was made by a spokesperson for the authorities on Thursday at the request. He justified the decision with the great importance of the case for Berlin. Four days ago, the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office launched investigations against Schlesinger over the initial suspicion of infidelity and acceptance of benefits. Now, with the Attorney General’s Office, a higher authority takes over.

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According to the authorities, the investigations are directed against Schlesinger, her husband and the former head of the RBB board and chief inspector of the fair, Wolf-Dieter Wolf. The online medium “Business Insider” started the case at the end of June. It’s about supposed nepotism and conspicuous privileges for the director.

The censorship: Former RBB chairman Wolf-Dieter Wolf (78) reportedly provided Schlesinger’s husband Gerhard Spörl (72) with lucrative jobs at Messe Berlin. Wolf is there as chairman of the supervisory board. In return, Schlesinger would have arranged consultancy contracts for the €100 million construction project with companies close to Wolf.

Schlesinger resigned as director of the RBB on Sunday. In the past few weeks, various details about her office have become known: she has had her executive floor in Berlin’s broadcast center renovated for more than €1.4 million – including a massage chair, luxury parquet and a wall of self-made plants. – irrigable. Schlesinger is also accused, among other things, of improperly charging for business meals and having treated himself to a luxury private trip to London at the expense of the fee payer. (DPA, bw, weim)