Pros and cons of PULS 24 and PULS 4: One year of war With weapons or diplomacy for Ukrainian peace?

Vienna (OTS) – Fronts hardened between Russia and Ukraine. The EU depends on arms deliveries rather than diplomatic initiatives. But does that mean the end of the war is a long way off? This is what Othmar Karas, Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Velina Tchakarova, Veit Dengler, Franz Alt and Vasyl Khymynets.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers killed on both sides, tens of thousands of civilian casualties, 65,000 suspected war crimes and eight million Ukrainians who fled – the toll of war is devastating. And yet, after a year, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine seems unresolvable.

Because neither Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy nor his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin seem willing to make any concessions. Ukraine demands the liberation of all occupied territories – including Crimea and Donbass.

However, this requires more US and NATO weaponry, because experts say Russia will never agree to this claim at the negotiating table. A peace plan announced by China is also causing jitters in the West.

Whether military aid can really bring peace is being debated in Germany and Austria on the anniversary of the war. The EU is demonstrating unity and wants to pass a tenth package of sanctions against Russia. And US President Joe Biden paid a demonstrative visit to Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kiev.

Should the West encourage Ukraine to negotiate or hand over more weapons? What are the US and NATO objectives? And how should Austria position itself in relation to Russia?

“PRO & AGAINST” am Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 21:15 on PULS 24 and 22:10 on PULS 4


  • Othmar Karas, First Vice-President of the European Parliament
  • Andreas Mailath-PokornyRector of Music and Art at the Private University of Vienna, President of the Association of Social Democratic Scholars, former City Councilor, SPÖ Vienna
  • Veit Dengler, Entrepreneur and co-founder of NEOS
  • Velina Tchakarova, Director of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy and political scientist
  • Franz AltGerman journalist and writer
  • Vasyl Khymynets, Ukrainian Ambassador to Austria

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