Prominent Cuban troubadour Raul Prieto has died

Prominent Cuban troubadour Raúl Prieto has died

Cuban singer-songwriter Raúl Prieto, a well-known troubadour who developed his works primarily in his native Holguín, died of natural causes at the age of 54.

His son-in-law, the playwright and political activist Junior Garcia Aguilerareported the news in a post on his Facebook profile.

“Raúl Prieto, the troubadour, my friend, my wife’s father, is gone. When we left Cuba, we didn’t get to say goodbye. And in recent months, his children Dayana and Raulito have endured the pain in silence, knowing they would no longer be able to give their father a final kiss,” he said in the post.

Facebook recording / Yunior García Aguilera

García pointed out that his father-in-law was a great artist, one of those enormous talents from Cuba Since he was not from the capital, he did not receive the recognition he deserved.

“With a brilliant work, he also worried about the fate of all his colleagues and founded the Troubadours Fair. His soul knew neither jealousy nor selfishness nor envy. And he worked tirelessly to promote the works of the youngest,” he remembers.

“The institutions to which he belonged behaved with characteristic cruelty, but the Friends never left their beds for a moment during these difficult months“, he emphasized.

Raúl Prieto defended Trova above all, although he had a passion for rock and, as he said in an interview with Bohemia last year, also dabbled in flamenco, pop, jazz and son.

The Holguín newspaper Ahora lamented his death, recognizing that in his work the defense of aesthetic values ​​is expressed with the care of lyrics and harmonies.

Facebook Capture / Newspaper now

“He was the founder of the Hermanos Saiz Association and was associated with the creation of the May pilgrimage. In addition to music, Raúl Prieto acted as a constant promoter of Trova, founding several clubs such as the Feria de los Trovadores,” he elaborates on the post on Facebook.

The municipal cultural directorate of Báguanos, where the songwriter grew up, thanked him for so much love and commitment to culture.

“The memory of your life’s work will remain latent,” the post on Facebook adds.

Facebook capture / Municipal Directorate of Culture, Báguanos

The troubadour began his professional career in 1979 when he joined the Nueva Trova movement with the Latin American group.

In 2006 he recorded his first album A esta hora with rock, bolero, son and trova songs. His album Rostro de Nadie was later released, in which he incorporated genres such as country, flamenco and ballads.

His best-known songs include A Shot of Love, At this Hour, Captain on Land and Without so much Philosophy.