Progressive leader confirms Perus president has been isolated

Progressive leader confirms Peru’s president has been isolated

In an interview with NuestrAmérica TV journalist Carlos Bedoya, the progressive leader highlighted the success of the July 19 protest due to its size, its spread across the country and the diversity of participants who were united behind the goal of the resignation of the head of state.

“The mobilization was absolutely peaceful, so that Mrs. Boluarte, the Minister of the Interior (Vicente Romero) and other characters were ridiculed. “It exposed their ridiculousness and their isolation,” he said, referring to the above headline announcing a coup against the organizers.

He added that in the case of Lima, a march was mainly conducted by locals and with a small presence of protesters from the interior of the country, plus the participation of sectors called from the center, unlike the protests from December to March last year.

“I see the diversity of those who have organized to mobilize as a value because if we wait to march and only organize with those who think like us, we will never end the Boluarte regime. This propensity to march in diversity is positive,” said the former presidential candidate.

Mendoza also highlighted the defeat of the so-called “Terruqueo,” with which the government and right-wing parties and media claim the protests pose a risk of terrorist actions to prevent them from taking to the streets, but this has had no effect.

“The July 19 march defeated the most brutal campaign of terror, intimidation and fear in recent memory. There was terror in the media for weeks,” said Boluarte and his allies.

He said the diversity of sectors involved is a sign that the ruler’s rejection is “always progressing and gaining more and more ground, opening up the possibility of a new moment,” he said.

The progressive leader also cited her party’s Movimiento Nuevo Perú involvement in the National Unified Struggle Coordination, which is organizing the protests, and “they continue to chart a path of mobilization that will continue in the coming days and months.” lam/mrs