producers warn that this will affect food prices

“We will inevitably, like other European countries, be affected by the Ukrainian crisis,” says Jean-Philippe André, president of Ania, the main agri-food organization.

A war in Ukraine that drives up the price of agricultural raw materials will “inevitably” drive up food prices, Jean-Philippe André, president of Ania, the main agri-food organization, said on Wednesday.

“We know that this Ukrainian crisis will make things worse,” he told BFM Business. “We are putting ourselves in a position to anticipate a second cost shock,” he added.

The government had already announced on Wednesday a price hike of around 3%, following annual negotiations between food producers and distributors that concluded on Tuesday evening.

For her part, Aniya demanded an increase of around 6% due to inflation, which is putting pressure on agricultural raw materials and industrial spending (energy, packaging, transport) as the economy recovers.


But since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, prices for some agricultural inputs have soared. These two countries are in fact major exporters of grains and oilseeds: they alone account for 30% of the world’s wheat trade.

“There is a very strong dependence on sunflower, cereals, dependence on energy…”, emphasized Jean-Philippe André, who claims that the rise in prices for these raw materials “will affect prices”.

“Inevitably, like other European countries, the Ukrainian crisis will affect us,” he added.

While the Ministry of Economy brought together several representatives of the industrial sectors on Wednesday to discuss the consequences of the war in Ukraine, President Ani calculated that France will again have to come to the aid of companies, “sort of no matter what.” .”

“No one is ready to face the situation that is now unfolding,” he said.