Probation, Probation, Probation

Probation, Probation, Probation

Cuba cannot live without the United States, it depends more and more on solidarity emigration and begs Russia, Iran, China and Turkey; while boasting the independence and sovereignty of a country humanly and socially devastated by communism, which intends to turn the island into a great nursing home.

The humanitarian probation program of 30,000 monthly visas for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans amplifies Cuba’s human decapitalization, which is already affecting all sectors of society, including the Communist Party, which had to import a cadre from Sancti Spíritus to take over leadership on Isla de la Juventud; as old as the rest of the nation.

To be a grassroots leader in Cuba you have to be blind, suicidal or shameless, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find valuable cadres in the quarry that Machado Ventura tended until his forced retirement, which was gradually emptying as they did destroyed the country where they were born. .

Cuba is a pedestal, not for the Olive and Guayaberada castes, trapped in their own labyrinth of lies and simulations, where a mercenary employed by the Kremlin intends to lecture on patriotism on state television.

Repression, exodus and widespread inefficiency characterize the Cuban government, unable to respond to even the slightest social challenge and living in perpetual postponement of the bad life of the majority of Cubans; Victims of a small group of evildoers with effectiveness and zero to create happiness and prosperity.

In the 1970s, smeared – by burned sugar cane – many Cubans escaped the tedium of the olive glorification with the ball, where every game against the United States became a duel in the sun, even if it was played at night; and Nocturno, the most diverse and enduring radio window on national affective memory.

Italian singer Mazzini mine he seduced thousands of Cubans – now grandparents – with songs like Y si mañana; and placed a string of rabid messages in the hit parade: Parole, Parole, that was a duet with Albert Lupo I Adriano Celentano.

The emigration order is always issued; Although Italian ballads soothed souls, many Cubans were interned in labor camps for four years, where they had to earn the right to leave the country with discipline and compliance with the norm; evaluated by a fighter of the revolution, also punished for mistakes in the construction of the totalitarian madness that once set the would-be emigrant free, confiscated his house with everything in it and charged the plane tickets in US dollars.

Anyone in doubt should just dust off the candy Fara Maria with his memory of that long journey that; Before he died, he presented it live to President Miguel Díaz-Canel in a theater in Havana.

The letter is from Raul Gomez; another emigrant describing the trauma:

“People walk around me / The wind takes off a hat, oh / The children play carefree / And meanwhile I wait, I wait / Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine brighter / And my hope will die no more / I’ll keep sitting on the platform / Leave time and contemplate the day…”