Private agencies are more attractive to a nurse than the

Private agencies are more attractive to a nurse than the public

A nurse working in a private agency has no intention of returning to the public eye, not for Christian Dubé. If the agencies go away, she’ll prefer to work elsewhere in the world.

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Enya Jaime started her career in public service. She hoped to grow up there and have a thriving career. Except that the balance between his work and his daily life was impossible.

“I realized that I couldn’t balance work and personal life in public,” she said on QUB radio at the microphone of Philippe-Vincent Foisy.

She chose the agencies, the best option in her opinion. The jobs are the same: hospitals, CLSCs, CHSLDs. Except that in agencies the nurses set their schedule.

“Authorities will never deny us leave,” argued Ms. Jaime.

Throughout the discussion, she concedes that a return to the public system is not entirely out of the question. But in order for her to make this career choice, changes are needed, and that starts with salary. Note that the government just cut the starting salary for new graduates.

The ministry announced earlier this month that all registered nurses after December 12, 2022 will start at the low end of the pay scale at $25.81.

However, new nurses started their careers at level 7 for $30.86.

“A 20 percent cut in her salary. This is unacceptable,” Enya Jaime claimed.

She estimates that a nurse should start at $35 an hour.

Even with this starting salary, competition with agencies is unfair.

Enya Jaime said she works in Montérégie for $90 an hour.