Princess of Wales looks elegant when she visits kindergarten

Princess of Wales looks elegant when she visits kindergarten

The Princess of Wales looked radiant today as she beamed on her way to a nursery in Luton.

Mum-of-three Kate, 41, stunned in a £1,600 Gabriela Hearst red turtleneck and skirt combo and a £349 camel cashmere coat by Massimo Dutti, a limited edition she has as part of her ongoing work in development visited in the early years.

The Queen paired her outfit with knee-high black boots and wore her thick brunette tresses in bouncy curls that cascaded down her shoulders as she greeted the nursery staff with a handshake and commented on the “lovely day” before sitting down to play and Conversations with the children in the kindergarten.

It is Kate’s first royal outing in backlash against the Duke of Sussex’s memoir after the Iranian regime used Prince Harry’s admission that he had killed 25 Taliban militants to halt the state execution of British-Iranian national Alireza Akbari, 61 to justify the weekend.

But the mum, who has a passion for early childhood development and founded the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood in 2021, this morning refused to let her focus divert as she plunged into her work.

Arriving at the nursery, Kate thanked the staff for the reception and commented on the cool but bright weather.

The Princess of Wales, 41, wore a £1,600 top and skirt combo outfit by Gabriela Hearst as she arrived at Foxcubs nursery in Luton today as part of her developmental work in early years

“I was just saying it’s such a beautiful day,” she mused as she shook hands with staff – although she commented on the “chilly mornings” in the UK.

Last week, it was reported that while the Princess of Wales was “stunned” by Prince Harry’s claims on Spare, she had “already moved on” as she prepared to launch an early childhood development program for children aged 11 and under three and five.

The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex has come under fire from current and former British military commanders as a “dumb boy” after writing about his time in Afghanistan in his explosive memoir and revealing he had killed around 25 Taliban militants who pieces he called ‘chess’.

And after the British government heavily criticized the Iranian regime for the execution of the dual British-Iranian citizen, Tehran said Britain was “in no position to preach about human rights” after Harry’s claims.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, has recently leveled dozens of allegations against his brother and sister-in-law, including “stereotyping” Meghan Markle as a “multiracial American actress” when she was first introduced to the family.

However, amid all the noise, a source close to Kate told The Mirror she was “too busy” with her duties to pay much heed to Harry’s allegations in Spare and in the various TV interviews he’s done to promote it give.

Today, the Princess of Wales demonstrates her commitment to early childhood education and development with her visit to Foxcubs, which Ofsted rated as ‘outstanding’.

The nursery is run by the Early Years Alliance and offers 70 places for local children between the ages of two and five – Kate’s main focus.

Children in the day-care center are encouraged to learn through play, and places are offered for children from families who are entitled to free childcare.

During her visit, the Princess will meet educators and talk about the role these institutions play in shaping children’s development.

She will also meet the parents whose children are in daycare and talk to them about the support they are offered in everyday life and their children’s long-term social and emotional development.

In an interview with the Telegraph this weekend, the Duke of Sussex sent a message to his family urging them to apologize to the Duchess of Sussex.

He said: “You know what you did and I now know why you did it. And you got caught, so just come in.’

The Duke didn’t specify what he was referring to, but elsewhere in the interview he revealed more details about what he believes happened behind closed doors before he and Meghan stepped down as senior royals.

He said: “It was all so avoidable. But they just couldn’t help themselves.”

He also claimed that “if people had listened to his concerns earlier,” the rift between him and Meghan and the rest of the royals wouldn’t have gotten so wide.

Despite the allegations leveled against the royals by the Duke of Sussex, the Princess of Wales appears to be more popular with royal fans than ever, as evidenced by the huge crowds that lined up to greet her and Prince William, 40, last week , hold true.

When the couple visited the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in Merseyside, the princess was photographed taking selfies with members of the public.

She joked: “I’ll be betrayed by William” as she posed for snaps – a reference to the Prince of Wales’ aversion to selfies.