Prince Harry tells the whole truth about family rings including

Prince Harry tells the whole truth about family rings (including Kate’s engagement ring)

the Prince Harry in his memoirs shoot he also tells us about the family coffin. In particular, it focuses on the rings, which reveal the backdrop to stories we’ve told a thousand times, sometimes confirming what we already knew, but also debunking a legend that may be the most delicious the engagement ring that belonged to Diana, now on Kate’s ring finger.

Diana Spencer on the day she announced her engagement to Carlo, February 24, 1981: The famous ring on her ring finger.

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Among the many amazing revelations scattered throughout the 500+ pages shoot, the one on the world’s most famous sapphire ring, is perhaps the one we weren’t expecting. Let’s start from the beginning. According to the version credited so far, that should be that of Paul BurrellDiana’s butler, The princess left all the jewels to her children so that one day they could give them to their future wives. When the two boys were given a choice, William reportedly wanted the watch for him Cartier Tank Francaise in gold during Harry spotted the famous engagement ring. At the time of William’s marriage proposal to Kate, Harry would later have given up the heirloom in a grand gesture of generosity to make his brother happy.

“Absolute nonsense.” In doing so, the rebel prince liquidates the anecdote in his autobiographical book, which nobody had questioned until January 10 of this year. Let’s face it, contrary to your interests. “The newspapers ran sweet articles about the moment I realized that Willy and Kate would be the perfect couple,” writes the Duke of Sussex, “about the moment I decided to give him the ring that I had inherited from my mother, the legendary sapphire , a moment of tenderness between brothers, a moment of closeness between all three, nonsense, nonsense: none of that happened ยป. The reason is simple: the ring never belonged to him. “He already had it,” he explains, “he asked for it after my mother died and I was happy to give it to him.”

Kate with Diana’s sapphire on the day of their engagement, November 16, 2010.

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