1672680438 Prince Harry sees no desire for reconciliation after his departure

Prince Harry sees ‘no desire for reconciliation’ after his departure

Prince Harry wants to reunite with his father King Charles III. and his brother William, with whom he is cold, but sees “no desire to reconcile,” according to an excerpt of an interview given before his dreaded reminiscence was published.

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A month after the documentary about Harry and his wife Meghan aired on Netflix, the British monarchy is gearing up with the release of the book The Substitute on April 10.

To mark the book’s release, the prince gave two interviews, one to British broadcaster ITV and the other to CBS in the US, which are scheduled to air on Sunday.

“They have shown absolutely no desire to reconcile,” the Duke of Sussex said in a short trailer released by ITV on Monday, without revealing who exactly he is referring to. “I would like to reconnect with my father. I would love to reconnect with my brother,” he also said.

“I want a family, not an institution,” insists Harry, 38.

“They think it’s best to keep us like villains,” he agrees.


These critics come at a time of transition for the British royal family following the accession of Charles III, following the death of Elizabeth II on September 8 at the age of 96. The ruler of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth countries is due to be crowned on May 6, a major event broadcast around the world.

Her documentary, which was released in six episodes on Netflix in December, allowed the “Sussex” to make their point on her departure, which made her very unpopular in the UK, where they are often labeled spoiled children by a ruthless press .

When the docuseries didn’t make a sensational revelation, the couple settled scores with the media, which have been accused of molestation and Meghan’s miscarriage. He also accuses the royal family of lying about being unable to protect them, and Harry is opening up about his departure behind the scenes by targeting his brother William, who would have “yelled at” him at a family reunion in 2020 in his presence ‘Elizabeth II


The Sussexes also accuse William and his wife Kate of causing the negative press coverage by “stealing the show”.

According to the Sunday Times, The Substitute targets William more than King Charles III, confirming the rift between the two brothers side by side at their mother Diana’s funeral in 1997.

“Charles is doing better than expected, but it’s been particularly tough for William and even Kate is a bit shattered. There are these minute details and a description of the quarrel between the brothers. I personally don’t see how Harry and William can reconcile after that,” a source who knew the book told The Sunday Times.