Prince Harry reveals the REAL reasons behind Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s FIGHT

Prince Harry reveals the REAL reasons behind Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s FIGHT

A week after Prince Harry will publish his memoir “Spare” in which he revealed various details about the British crown. The release has already sold just over half a million copies in the UK. In this book, Lady Di’s youngest son, using his own version, tells the reasons that led him to distance himself even from his family disclosed the real reasons that led to the Battle between his wife Megan Markle Y Kate Middleton.

Before what happened Battle that ended up breaking the good relationship they had Megan Markle Y Kate Middleton, the wives of the two Princes of Windsor had quite a close relationship as there are several records on the internet showing that both enjoyed spending time together. However, after a while, this relationship fell apart, which also led to a rivalry between the two Prince Harryand his brother William.

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The real reasons behind the dispute between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Despite what is known that the relationship between Kate Middleton Y Megan Markle For many years it was very good that even the Princess of Wales went so far as to say that the wife of the Prince Harry The sister she never had was a sister to her, this good relationship ended badly. After the publication of Harry’s memoirs, it was the Duke who disclosed the real reasons for which this was given Battle between his wife and his brother William.

It should be mentioned that, Megan Markle A while ago she shared that there was a little legal battle between her and Kate Middleton shortly before her wedding to him. Prince Harry, and that it was this fight that caused this separation and ended the good relationship that existed between the two. From what Harry wrote, the real reasons of Battle They mainly have to do with some disagreements and the nature of the former actress.

At first it was said Megan Markle was to blame Battle with Kate MiddletonHowever the Prince Harry comment that you are real reasons They suspect that it was Prince William’s wife who influenced this relationship. According to what is written in the Duke’s memoirs, he has disclosed that Kate texted Meghan to say there were some issues with the girls’ dresses for Markle’s wedding to Harry.

Because of this Megan Markle had a reaction that didn’t go well, was good to see Kate Middletonand from that moment on the wife of Prince Harry She was branded as a rude and brave person. Because of this situation, Harry disclosed when he went home he found Meghan crying on the kitchen floor; She adds that she came home the next day with an apology card and flowers, a scene the former actress wrote as a turning point in her relationship with William’s wife.