Prince Harry cut out parts of the book out of

Prince Harry cut out parts of the book out of fear his father and brother would not forgive him

Prince Harry cut excerpts from autobiography What’s Left fearing his father, Britain’s King Charles III, and brother William would never “forgive” certain revelations.

“The first draft was very different, it was 800 pages, now it’s only 400. It could have been two books.

“Things have happened, mainly between my brother and I and to some degree between my father and I, that I don’t want the world to know about. Because I don’t think they would ever forgive me,” he confessed to the prince.

The book, entitled Spare in the English version, was published last Tuesday (10) and had an overwhelming success. No one in the biography is spared Harry’s criticism, least of all William, the heir to the British throne, whom he describes as his “best enemy”.

Harry said he chose to open the wounds not to “sink” the monarchy but because he felt it was up to him to try to change it to protect William’s children. “I know that out of those three kids, at least one is going to end up like me, the surrogate, and that worries me,” he said in the interview, conducted ahead of the book’s publication in California, where he lives.

“It’s not about sinking the monarchy, it’s about saving it from itself,” Harry pointed out. “I know that many will crucify me for this,” he admitted, adding that despite everything, he still wants to be reconciled with his family.

The prince also addressed the royal family directly, asking them to apologize to his wife Meghan “because they know what they did. So acknowledge it and we can move on to something else.” Buckingham Palace did not respond to the book’s release.