Previews Un posto al sole, Alice is out of control: The situation is escalating!  |

Previews Un posto al sole, Alice is out of control: The situation is escalating! |

Previews Un posto al sole Alice is out of control

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The previews of Un Posto al Sole reveal numerous twists and turns to the audience. Like every day, from Monday to Friday, the appointment with the fiction is always at 8.45 p.m. on Rai 3. Bianca would like to go to Antonello, but according to her parents it is not the right time. At school, the little girl is isolated from her classmates and the situation could have serious consequences.

After Lia’s placement on the Vulcano, Alberto continues to deny taking the jewels, but he has to deal with Clara, who discovered everything. To make Michele feel less alone, Guido and Mariella try to think of a few women to introduce him to, but both come to an unsettling conclusion.

Previews Un posto al sole Elena no longer knows what to do with Alice

Elena doesn’t know what to do with Alice anymore, out of control now. Giordano wants her daughter to come back to London with her and leave everything behind. Unfortunately, however, the damage is done and Nunzio is called by the police for the first post-lawsuit interrogation.

Young Cammarota’s morale is shattered, and will be even more so when he discovers that the affair he’s involved in will cause problems for Silvia as well. Caffè Vulcano has been heavily criticized on social media, which will put Graziani and his business in a bad light.

The situation in the Boschi house is not only deteriorating because of Nunzio. Even Bianca’s problems at school, which are now worsening, cause inconveniences for the whole family, even in relation to Franco and Angela’s relationship. Meanwhile, Michele agrees to spend an evening alone with Guido, while Mariella reunites with Serena, who will be at odds again.

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